Tezos Cryptocurrency Community

The TezTown Story

Art has always been an essential part of human history. It’s a way for people to tell stories and express their deepest feelings. What if there was a way for artists to get their hands-on education, encouragement, and engagement to help them bring their stories to life?

Our vision for TezTown is to create a community for artists, collectors, and anyone interested in learning about the Tezos blockchain. We provide educational content and curriculum, as well as events, and connect members with the community.

TezTown is a community founded by Lily White, the Mother of Tez, who is a Tezos blockchain artist and collector. Lily brings together a team of passionate Tez creators, developers, and collectors to share the vision of building a community around art, education, and a technology ecosystem. TezTown is the community to learn about web3, Tezos blockchain, and gain knowledge on all aspects of the Tezos!

TezTown founders

The Team

Why should you believe in us? We are dedicated, Tezos creators, collectors, and builders committed to growing the Tezos community from beginners to loyal users. We devote time to educating the community on the value and benefits of using Tezos, and our events, workshops, and classes keep the community engaged and coming back.


  • Lily White – Founder, Full-time, Volunteer Management, mentoring, classes, educational videos, Public speeches, business outreach, museum outreach, event organizer, promoter, onboarding, YouTube show
  • Tery – Founder, Communication, storytelling, curriculum design, storyteller, brand, business and marketing strategy, workshops, and classes, promoter
  • StartSomething – Founder, Discord community manager, collector communications, promoter, technical consulting. Live events
  • MykNash – Leadership Team, design, marketing, promoter, e-commerce, merch, branding
  • Daedalus – Leadership Team, Twitter community manager, promoter, baking classes/workshops, art and design
  • Discoinfernos – Leadership Team, curating NFT collection, coordinating with established artists, emojis, giveaways, 1/1 auction lead.
  • Orange – Leadership Team, Tech, dev, gallery solutions, video and audio editing, research

Tezos Cryptocurrency Community

The Mission

TezTown is the trusted source providing education, encouragement, and engagement for creators, collectors, builders, and anyone interested in learning about the Tezos blockchain and ecosystem.

  • Providing educational content and curriculum for creators, collectors, and builders, helping new users interested in learning.
  • Encouraging the adoption and application of learned content through the hosting of events that also serve to help build and solidify the community.
  • Engaging a community of creators, collectors, builders, and anyone interested in learning about using the Tezos ecosystem or Web3/Crypto.

Value Proposition

TezTown produces educational materials, workshops, and classes, for anyone who wants to learn and use the Tezos blockchain and ecosystems. TezTown makes the learning experience of using Tezos fun, memorable, and accessible by doing so, we grow the Tez community.

But unlike other blockchain communities, we are the trusted source that encourages community participation, the voice for global members, and gathers community insights on opportunities so that our community stays engaged.

Welcome to TezTown. Join us on Discord.