Tezos Cryptocurrency Community

Founding of TezTown

Every story has a beginning. Sometimes, the players in the story do not even know they are beginning a new story. They are just living life and doing what seems natural.  It is only when they stop and look back that they realize a story has already started and they have a role to play in it.

This is how TezTown came into the picture. Lily White was just an artist, who fell in love with collecting and then wanted to have some fun events with friends on the Tezos Blockchain.  Then people started asking her a lot of questions and she started doing her best to answer them, first one on one and then in Twitter Spaces and now on an ever-growing Discord.

Other people saw what she was doing and decided to help in their own ways with their own skills and before they all knew it, they were already part of a community.  To see the start, they had to look back quite a way, but that was never really very important.  So they assessed what they already had and named the community they found themselves in TezTown and started working out what the people in their community needed in order to grow.

Tery, Start Something, Discoinfernos, Daedalus, and MkyNash all became important bricks in the foundation along with many, many others.  Some brought tech knowledge, some brought corporate savvy, and some helped us reach out across the world to find and bring in our TezTown Townies. Whatever their talents, wherever they were in the real world, they all knew they had a home together in TezTown. That is how our story began.