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3rd Annual Fear 4 Tez – #Fear4Tez

Poster image for the 3rd annual Fear4Tez

FEAR4TEZ Guidelines.


1. DO NOT MINT UNTIL THE MINT PERIOD! We are telling about the event in advance, so people have time to create and make collabs as well if they like. MINT PERIOD OCTOBER 13-31, 2023
2. ONLY 2 mints per artist if not a collab, so make them the best 2 you can!
3. You can do as many collabs as you like, as long as you get a different partner for each collab.
4. USE #Fear4Tez in the mint TAGS (please do not use in title) You may use in description, but please also make sure it is in the mint tags.
5. Any editions you like but the preferred editions is 13, 31 or 113 (be sensible for your normal sales level)
6. You decide the price. Mint and price between October 13-31, 2023
7. Fear4Tez is all about the dark, scary and creepy side of art, humanity and life, but still meant to be fun, fun, fun!
8. Contact @Tez_Town twitter or Discord if you need help! Lily White @rblbab Myk Nash @MykNash

NFT/Art donation NOT REQUIRED. However if you would like to send 1 edition to TezTown or profit share for TezTown general fund please use this address … tz1ftytVPRayDg85NnxZn1wDaTWXEm6HLwHE
OR if you would like to share profits or donate Tezos to help send representation to real world events, please use this address…tz1gZ2Xyrn8JEXweqtkPMXzSxTwCudDhmDZc



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